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Shungite earrings.

Shungite receives its healing power from one of its elements, fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon. (Black Carbon)

It actively interacts with various electromagnetic fields (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geo-pathogenic, biofields) and neutralizes their negative impact.

Shungite grabs onto many different things including chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and radioactive particles. It also kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, phages and other pathogens.

- it has exceptionally high resistance to chemically aggressive environments

- it has a high electrical and low thermal conductivity

- it attenuates electromagnetic emissions, counteracting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation from computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices and appliances

- it purifies water and enriches it with beneficial minerals

Shungite earrings

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