Honey turmeric scrub

Gentle yet durable exfoliate made with organic cane sugar. This scrub is packed with oils that help brighten the skin. This scrub is formulated to help with hyperpigmentation, razor bumps, and scaring. With Almond and olive oil packed with vitamins to help skins elasticity. And of course our special mix of essential oils that heal the skin. Turmeric and honey to further help even skin tone. You will be extra hydrated after using. Just scrub and rinse.

Honey turmeric soap

Soft gentle soap made with oatmeal and shea butter to soften skin. Organic turmeric and honey to brighten skin and lighten dark marks and scars. Sugar to exfoliate and remove dead skin and debris. Scented with a light hint of lemon to refresh awaken. With our secret undone oil which enhances the soaps properties and rejuvenate skin cells. Guaranteed to help even skin tone and hydrate.

Yoni glow Kit